8. Bluestockings

Once society moves out of the COVID-19 era, customers will soon be able to mingle with influential authors amidst a diverse array of books.

Although currently closed due to COVID-19, Bluestockings is a spot where customers enjoy coffee and tea while searching for books on topics such as feminism, queer and gender studies, and police and prisons. Located at 172 Allen Street, Bluestockings is a space in the Bowery that is dedicated to “empower all people to challenge oppression and participate in creating a society which is equitable, cooperative, and free.”

In addition to their Feminist Book Club and YA Book Club, Bluestockings succeeds in accomplishing this mission through their author events. Influential authors Tauno Biltsted author of The Anatomist’s Tale and Yao Xiao author of Everything Is Beautiful, and I’m Not Afraid have held Zoom events through Bluestockings. This center of books, coffee, and passion also provides spaces for discussion, such as their Off the Binary discussion space for nonbinary folks.

Bluestockings – 116 Suffolk St, New York, NY 10002