10. Concourse Theatre

While the history of the Paradise is well documented, for some of the other former Bronx theaters, the details of their past are murky. Consider the Concourse Theatre, located one block north of the Paradise at the intersection of two of the Bronx’s major thoroughfares, the Grand Concourse and Fordham Road.

Some current sources state that the Concourse Theatre was built in 1930 as a Loew’s venue and another attributes its design to John Eberson. However, while its exterior features some distinctive architectural details it isn’t typical of Eberson’s signature “atmospheric” style. Also, there appears to be no press coverage from 1930 of a new Loew’s theater at this location.

On the other hand, a 1916 New York Sun article reported on the recently completed Concourse Theatre at this site.

In any event, the much larger, 2,500-seat B.F. Keith’s Fordham Theatre (later part of the RKO chain) which opened next door in 1921 seems to have overshadowed this 600-seat facility. Unlike the Fordham, which no longer exists, the Concourse building continues as well-patronized retail space today and although the original marquee is gone some of its original facade elements remain.