3. Three Public Art Installations by Internationally Acclaimed Artist, Jim Rennert

Public Art, May 2021, Inner Dialogue by , Jim Rennert, Pershing Square Plaza West.
Inner Dialogue by Jim Rennert is one of the sculptures in Pershing Plaza West, Grand Central. Photo courtesy Cavalier Galleries

Timing, Inner Dialogue and Listen are three life-size works by artist Jim Rennert, which will be installed in New York City’s Pershing Square Plaza West, Grand Central. Each sculpture stands over 6 feet tall and depicts the daily struggles and achievements of everyday people.  The sculptural installations are being facilitated as part of the New York City Department of Transportation’s Temporary Art Program.

Rennert’s works represent the meeting point between the business world and the everyday lives of ordinary people, similar to the way that Pershing Square represents the joining of business and community aspects of the neighborhood surrounding Grand Central Terminal. These three works embody three ideas key to the fast-paced life of Grand Central, for both locals and visitors