9. There’s a Celebrity Green Room

Empire State Building celebrity green room

A “green room” is usually found in television studios or theaters — a place where performers and guests can get ready and lounge before an appearance. But there’s also one in the Empire State Building! The only way to see it is if you’re a celebrity coming for an event or a lighting ceremony at the building or on the Empire State Building’s All-Access Tour. The lighting ceremony spot is in the lobby of the Empire State Building so lucky visitors may get to see someone like Drew Barrymore or others pull the lever to turn on the lights, “if they happen to just walk in at the right time,” says Siobhan.

Inside the green room, there is an original drawing by Steven Wilshire, the autistic British artist who can draw a cityscape in tremendous detail — down to building windows — by memory. In 2017, he spent five days recreating what he saw from a 45 minute helicopter ride over New York City at an event on the 80th floor of the Empire State Building.