10. Sunset Park

Yaso Tangbao
Yaso Tangbao in Sunset Park

With one of the largest Chinatowns in New York, Sunset Park, Brooklyn, is often seen as the least touristy of New York’s three main Chinatowns; with an Asian population of over 44,000, Sunset Park has quickly grown into a solidified and united Chinatown. Yet Sunset Park has some of the best and most creative restaurants in all of the city, featuring cuisines from regions of China rarely seen in New York.

Known for its simple menu, minimal decor, and fantastic food, Kai Feng Fu offers a variety of dumplings like pork and leek, chicken and mushroom, and vegetable, as well as fluffy pork buns and a selection of noodle soups made with thick udon-style noodles. The unassuming Hong Kong Dim Sum offers a selection of rice rolls as well as congees for a quick breakfast. For a taste of Fuzhou, hole-in-the-wall Wei Mei Xian specializes in gigantic steamed pork buns filled with a delectable BBQ pork filling. Also serving street food-style Fuzhounese cuisine, Wan Zhong Wang serves pork dumplings that have a translucent skin as well as peanut butter noodles and fish ball soup. 

Although most Sunset Park Chinese eateries are individual storefronts along 7th and 8th Avenues, there is one major food court in Fei Long Supermarket housing about ten stalls. Guang Fu Inc. serves a rather large menu with favorites like soup dumplings, bean paste noodles, and Shanghai chow mein. Yummy Chummy Inc. right next door specializes in roast pork and roast duck as well as rice rolls and Hong Kong-style beef brisket noodles.

Sunset Park has a number of Yunnanese restaurants specializing in cuisine from China’s west. Yun Nan Flavor Garden, a popular Yunnanese eatery, prides itself on its Crossing the Bridge rice noodles with chicken, vegetables, and quail egg. Also popular is Western Yunnan Crossing Bridge Noodle, which serves over ten varieties of its namesake dish as well as side dishes like duck neck and Hmong style beef.

Popular for Cantonese food is Rich Village Restaurant, with a selection of seafood dishes like steamed crab, taro and clam casserole, and flounder. For dim sum, eateries like the extremely popular East Harbor Seafood Palace, Golden Imperial Palace, and Open Rice serve a variety of classic dim sum delicacies.