5. College Point

Dumplings with hot oil pepper
Wontons in chili oil at Little Pepper

North of Flushing is College Point, a rather non-touristy Queens area with a developing Chinatown centered around College Point Boulevard. In addition to housing many Chinese eateries, College Point is also the location for Chinese newspaper World Journal‘s headquarters. 

Little Pepper is a staple of College Point serving Sichuan fare like sliced fish in a spicy soup, griddle cooked shrimp, and Sichuan double cooked pork. Just up the road is Long King House, a Shanghainese eatery with a selection of dim sum, skewers, and seafood options. Also on College Point Boulevard is 8090 Taiwanese Food, which offers a small menu of Taiwanese dishes like salt and pepper squid on rice and Taiwanese dry noodle in addition to teas and slushes.

A bit further east is a building that houses three Chinese eateries: on the second floor is Pinshang Hot Pot, which offers 10 soup bases and a selection of meats and vegetables; on the third floor is Fish Village, a Hong Kong-style eatery with a selection of seafood options like sea cucumber, lancelet, and turtle; and on the fourth floor is The Buffet, which serves Chinese classics buffet-style in addition to Pan-Asian and American-style options.