9. Homecrest

Golden Z restaurant in Homecrest
Golden “Z” Restaurant in Homecrest

Concentrated along Avenue U in the Homecrest area of Brooklyn is one of Brooklyn’s largest Chinese enclaves and Chinatowns. Situated right next to the predominantly Russian and Central Asian area of Sheepshead Bay, Homecrest is home to a vibrant, growing Chinese community.

Golden Z restaurant specializes in Cantonese cuisine with very traditional dishes like roast pork over rice, razor clams with black bean sauce, and congee. Also serving classic Cantonese cooking is Wing Hing Seafood Restaurant, offering diners with a selection of chef’s special seafood, poultry, and meat dishes as well as an array of dim sum and Cantonese noodles. Season Restaurant offers similar dishes to the aforementioned eateries but also presents some more creative dishes like veal chop, taro duck, and curry beef. 

Bakeries are also rather prominent on Avenue U. In addition to serving egg tarts and fluffy breads, Ka Ka Bakery offers a very cheap hot food section consisting of chow fun, thin rice noodles, and braised pork. Good Family Bakery offers dim sum options like steamed rice rolls, har gow dumplings, and chicken feet, as well as hot and cold drinks.