2. Oleander’s, Williamsburg

In the Religion episode, Dev and his family meet a more devout Muslim family for dinner. They go to Oleander’s, a mid-century style tropical themed restaurant inside the McCarren Hotel and Pool on North 12th Street. According to the restaurant’s website, the design concept by Heather Maloney at Definition:Design, features “classic bentwood chairs, comfortable banquettes, over-scaled Tiffany chandelier lighting and soaring accent wall – covered in the evergreen shrubs that are its namesake – complement the copper clad bar and checkerboard floor for an overall relaxed atmosphere.”

3. Slick Willie Table and Bar, Greenpoint

Naveed and Dev go to Slick Willie, a cafe and bar in Greenpoint, Brooklyn where Dev gets the pork cubano sandwich. Naveed tries a taste and is hooked on onto pork. Slick Willie is located at 179 Meserole Avenue.