3. Stucco originally covered Litchfield Villa

Exterior of Litchfield Villa.
Although stucco originally covered Litchfield Villa, the underlying brick is now exposed.

Although the current exterior of Litchfield Villa is exposed brick, this was not always the case. When Davis built the villa, he covered it in a layer of stucco that was later painted to resemble stone. After Litchfield left the home in the early 1880s, the stucco would remain for several decades. Although it is unclear when the stucco was removed, many speculate it was during the 1930s or 1940s.

When the Department of Parks removed the stucco, they planned to but never did apply a new coat to replace the old one that had deteriorate In 1989, the Administrator of Prospect Park said the park had allocated enough money to add the stucco once more. However, they never followed through with the plan.