8. Litchfield Villa’s Gold Room is decorated in Rococo Style

Circular ceiling skylight at Litchfield Villa.
A large skylight greets Litchfield Villa visitors.

A rotunda welcomes guests as they enter Litchfield Villa. This is the only aspect of the villa open to the public. A large skylight illuminates the room, bringing sunlight into the otherwise dimly lit room. To the left, a double staircase leads to the Gold Room, the only part of the house with surviving plasterwork. Decorated in the Rococo Style, the Gold Room contains elaborate furniture and decorations. The room once held two Corinthian columns, which were not in fact decorated with wheat and corn.

Conservatories, a drawing room, and a reception room all remain on the ground floor of the mansion, since records show that Grace Hill had a physical impairment. Nevertheless, her family enjoyed the luxury of the Gold Room until they ceded the house to the Parks Service.