3. OHEKA is an acronym for Otto HErmann KAhn

Exterior of OHEKA CASTLE.
Beautiful gardens accompany the intricate exterior of Oheka Castle. Courtesy of Oheka Castle.

Otto Hermann Kahn was an American investment banker born in Germany. Initially aiming to be a musician, Kahn abandoned his musical dreams to establish himself in American society. However, he became so established that his image is the inspiration for the character “Mr. Monopoly.” The Kahn Family Motto is “Forever Restlessly Forward” for a good reason. To match his reputation, Kahn decided to name his home after himself. Rather than settling for Kahn Castle, Otto Mansion, or something of the sorts, he chose the acronym OHEKA for Otto HErmann KAhn.

However, Kahn had weaknesses disguised in his extensive castle. He used fireproof materials throughout Oheka because he had a fear of fire. As a result, Kahn refrained from using wood at all costs, using plaster instead in his library. He used the “faux bois” technique developed in the Middle Ages to disguise the plaster. Giving the plaster the appearance of warmth and grain characteristic of wood, many people would not know that “Mr. Monopoly” had a fear of fire.