5. Oheka Castle was a center for roaring twenties parties

Staircase at OHEKA CASTLE in Huntington, New York.
The Grand Staircase welcomed guests in the 1920s and welcomes guests in the 2020s. Courtesy of Oheka Castle

Although the illustrious home of Jay Gatsby in Great Neck is immortalized in American Literature, many Roaring Twenties parties actually occurred at Oheka Castle. With 39 working fireplaces throughout the estate and 129 full-time employees, the castle’s parties exuded wealth and status.

Women dressed in embellished headbands and flapping dresses, trailed by men in carefully ironed shirts and shined shoes, ascended the Grand Staircase in the Entry Foyer of Oheka Castle. Royalty, heads of state, and Hollywood celebrities often frequented these parties, walking the stairs. This Grand Staircase took inspiration from the Chateau de Fountainebleau in France. This chateau located 55 kilometers from Paris served as a home for King Henri IV and Napoleon Bonaparte.