8. Historical Figures Inspired the Hotel Room Names

Terrace Room at OHEKA CASTLE.
A lavish dining room is open for weddings. Courtesy of OHEKA CASTLE.

Oheka Castle offers six types of rooms for guests to stay in. The cheapest rooms, the chateau rooms, find inspiration from the chateau style of the castle. In contrast, the most expensive room is the Olmsted Suite. Inspired by the Olmsted Brothers who designed the garden of Oheka Castle, the room’s two balconies overlook the gardens and their reflective pools.

Other suites include the Whitney Rooms, the Fairbanks Suites, and the Carnegie Suite, inspired respectively by Harry Payne Whitney, Douglas Fairbanks, and Andrew Carnegie. The Gatsby Suites, in turn, honor the era of the roaring twenties in which Kahn built the house.