This upcoming November, MONOPOLY Brooklyn, a brand new board based on the iconic borough, will be released for purchase nationwide by Top Trumps USA, under license from Hasbro. Over the years, many themed versions of the game have been produced, often drawing from various aspects of modern life. They have ranged from pop culture-themed boards based on The Beatles, Pokémon, and Star Wars, to boards centered on locations around the globe such as London and Japan. Today, there are more than 1,000 versions of Monopoly boards to choose from.

Photo of Monopoly Man near a bridge, Courtesy of MONOPOLY Brooklyn
Monopoly Man, Courtesy of MONOPOLY Brooklyn

MONOPOLY Brooklyn will replace the official North American versions’ Atlantic City squares with ones based on Brooklyn’s cultural sites, historic landmarks, and time-honored businesses. To aid in the creation of the new board, fans and local Brooklynites have the opportunity to share potential locations they wish to be featured with the official MONOPOLY Brooklyn team. This information will be used throughout the board curation process to ensure that Brooklyn is as accurately represented as possible. Submissions can be emailed to [email protected] from now until June 23, 2021. 

Some projected examples of squares for the board will include the Brooklyn Bridge, Coney Island, and Prospect Park. In addition, the Community Chest and Chance playing cards will be customized to pay homage to the borough. As Benjamin Thompson, representative from Top Trumps USA, stated in a press briefing, “We hope this edition brings MONOPOLY fans everything they love about the traditional board, adapted in a way that Brooklynites will enjoy for generations to come.” 

  • Brooklyn Bridge Monopoly Square
  • Coney Island Monopoly Square
  • Prospect Park Monopoly Square

For Thompson, “Brooklyn is an unparalleled U.S. city, with an incredible number of seminal establishments and treasured sites. Since we have just 22 squares for our game, it’s important that we create an accurate portrayal of what this dynamic community loves about their city. That’s why we’re excited for folks to submit their recommendations; we want to know what your favorite place is in exciting Brooklyn.”

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