10. The First Branch Of The Ridgewood Savings Bank Opened In Forest Hills

Forest Hills Branch of the Ridgewood Savings Bank
Forest Hills branch of the Ridgewood Savings Bank

The Ridgewood Savings Bank is currently the largest mutual savings bank in all of New York State. Founded in 1921 in Ridgewood, Queens, the bank today is worth $4.6 billion and operates 35 branches across New York City, Long Island, and Westchester County. Located in Forest Hills at 107-55 Queens Boulevard, the bank’s first branch opened its doors in 1940. Stepping inside, visitors can see that much of its architecture has been carefully preserved, with its copper-colored teller booths and stained glass windows harkening to the past. Designated as a New York City landmark in 2000, the Forest Hills Ridgewood Savings Bank continues to remain one of the bank’s premier and culturally significant branches.

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