2. Winfield Hall’s staircase cost $2 million

Winfield Hall staircase.
Pink marble characterizes the large Winfield staircase. Photo courtesy of Max Spann Real Estate & Auction Company.

Not wanting the new mansion to fall prey to the same fate of the Humphreys Estate, Woolworth’s mansion is made mostly of marble. This includes a staircase entirely made of pink marble. The staircase cost $2 million dollars to make preceding the 1920s — this means Woolworth would have paid $48.5 million in the present day.

Winfield Hall was not the only property Woolworth commissioned. With his Five and Dime fortune, he commissioned the Woolworth Building in Manhattan and a few homes on 80th Street. Although a few homes remain today, the property at No 6. East 80th Street stands in beautiful condition. The floors, walls, and staircase within this home are marble just like Winfield Hall.