6. Woolworth only lived in the mansion for two years

Exterior of Winfield Mansion.
The grand mansion served the five-and-dime millionaire for two years. Photo courtesy of Max Spann Real Estate & Auction Company.

Despite the millions of dollars Woolworth spent on Winfield Hall, medical complications cut his time in the mansion short. Two years after the mansion’s completion, Woolworth fell ill with septic poisoning from an infected tooth. He died five days before his 67th birthday with an established five-and-dime dynasty.

Known to overlook aspects of his family life, Woolworth forgot to sign the most recent version of his will. As a result, when he died in 1919, all his net worth and assets went to his wife. However, dementia rendered her unable to use the property or money effectively. Winfield Hall and all of Woolworth’s fortune later went to Barbara Hutton, the daughter of one of Woolworth’s late children. Hutton then became one of the richest women in the world.