7. The Grace Downs Model and Air Career School was located at Winfield Hall

Interior of Winfield Hall.
The marble interior fit the name “Glamour Manor.” Photo courtesy of Max Spann Real Estate & Auction Company.

Following the decades when Julia Louise Parham Richard Samuel Reynolds, Sr. of Reynolds Wrap aluminum foil owned the home, Grace Downs, an esteemed school director, purchased Winfield Hall in 1963. She promptly turned the property into the Grace Downs Academy. This school for girls taught modeling, charm, and secretarial skills, as a modeling and airline stewardess school, until Downs sold it in 1976 to Martin T. Carey.

As 30 girls at a time learned in the mansion, they soon called it “Glamour Manor.” However, some moments were far from glamorous. Two occurrences of women staying in the Marie Antoinette Room sparked curiosity after their mysterious deaths. First, a secretary saw a crying woman in the room, and she later died of a heart attack. Later, a student brought her boyfriend to the estate, where they spent time in the same room. The student later died in a car accident.