8. There is a mysterious crack in the family crest on the fireplace

Dining room of Winfield Mansion.
A grand dining room awaits the new owner of Winfield Hall. Photo courtesy of Max Spann Real Estate & Auction Company.

Woolworth, a man of luxury and prestige, needed a family crest. In the crest, he stands poised with a medieval helmet alongside his wife, who wears a knight helmet. The only visible aspect of her being is a string of pearls. Below them are their three daughters: Edna, Helena, and Barbara. Edna died in the Plaza Hotel in 1917. Her coroner, who had the surname Feinberg, declared an autopsy unnecessary. As a result, she officially died of suffocation from an ear disease, although many suspect she committed suicide. After discovering her husband had a mistress, she allegedly put on a lace dress and drank a vial of poison in her apartment at the Plaza Hotel. The same night of her death, it is rumored that a crack appeared across her face in the family crest.

Due to the various accounts of supernatural activity in the Marie Antoinette Room. many owners have resolved to lock the bedroom. Some say the door remained locked before the Reynolds family owned Winfield Hall because Edna died there instead of at the Plaza like records state. A multitude of deaths occurring either on the property or related to property owners has led to stories about supernatural activity at the mansion.