10. Maritime Library at Art at the BlueLine

Books inside the "Maritime Library," Courtesy of the Tideland Institution.
Books inside the “Maritime Library,” Courtesy of the Tideland Institution.

As part of Art at the BlueLine, “Maritime Library”, a floating installation constructed in the form of historic New York Harbor barges, will be featured. Created by the Tideland Institution, the installation follows in the tradition of former New York cultural institutions that have served the city’s community afloat, examples including oyster barges and floating children’s hospital ships. The library‘s collection will feature books on the history of the waterfront, children’s adventure series, and romance novels, all which seek to highlight water as a place of imagination. “Maritime Library” can be viewed from July 14 through August 2, 2021 on the north side of Pier 17 in Manhattan.

As leaders from the Tideland Institution asked others to consider, “What if New Yorkers treated our harbor as a place where culture could thrive? What if our cultural institutions treated the harbor as a place of inspiration and activation? What if you could discover that we weren’t always so disconnected from the water?”