10. Diversity Plaza signifies Queens as the city’s most international borough

Secrets of Jackson Heights Diversity Plaza
Diversity Plaza features eateries and stores of different ethnicities.

Since its formal installation in 2012, Diversity Plaza at 37th Avenue between 73rd and 74th Streets has been a center for community in Jackson Heights. The plaza maintains pedestrian safety and allows for a large community space. Mayor Bill de Blasio considers Diversity Plaza to be an “epicenter of culture, community, and vibrancy” in Queens.

When a “Momo Crawl” or music performances are not happening around Diversity Plaza, Jackson Heights residents socialize in the square. Many locals chew paan, a betal leaf and areca nut mixture from Southeast Asia. Orange strains dot the concrete of the plaza, since people spit out paan’s orange juice after buying the mixture from local stores including Lucky Paan, Fresh Paan, and Kabab King.

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