7. Rail facilities have played a key role in Port Newark’s operations

Floating Freight Barge Train Rail Line part of the New York-New Jersey Rail 65th Street
Floating freight barge train rail line, part of the New York-New Jersey rail 65th street.

Over the years, rail facilities have played a key role in the daily operations of the Port-Newark Elizabeth Marine Terminal. Currently, ExpressRail provides dockside trans-loading operations at each of the port’s major container terminals. ExpressRails has worked to provide efficient and reliable on-dock services, a sustainable mode of transportation for cargo bound for Chicago, Ohio Valley, New England, and Eastern Canada.

ExpressRail also connects to two Class One railroad partners — CSX and Norfolk Southern. Besides providing services at Ports Newark and Elizabeth, ExpressRail also is a key component of shipping operations in Staten Island and Port New Jersey. Freight that comes to and from the Port Authority’s floating barge rail line (pictured above) that connects from Sunset Park, Brooklyn to Greenville New Jersey go in part to the cargo freighters at Port Newark as well.