La Gran Uruguaya Bakery

La gran Uruguaya Bakery serves desserts and breads in Queens.
La gran Uruguaya Bakery serves many pastries with dulce de leche.

La Gran Uruguaya Bakery sits in New York City, however, its pastries and impressive collection of baseball caps denoting different soccer teams argue otherwise. Due to New York’s small, concentrated community of Uruguayan’s in Jackson Heights, one of the best spots for Uruguayan specialties like postre chajá, or Uruguayan meringue, is La Gran Uruguaya Bakery. They also sell pastries from Argentina and Colombia.

Pastries topped with fruit, cream, and chocolate, as well as fresh bread, line the display cases within the bakery. First-time customers can divulge in any pastry containing dulce de leche, a beloved sweet in most Latin American countries. Some of these include a dulce de leche roll and churro filled with dulce de leche. Their alfajores, a dulce de leche sandwich cookie found throughout Uruguay, can (and should) be eaten by the handful. Do not tell the dentist about all this sugar, though.

85-06 37th Ave Jackson Heights, NY 11372
7307 37th Rd Jackson Heights, NY 11372