15. Painted Cat Hacker Film at Times Square

Courtesy of Tatyana Tenenbaum.

Every day during the month of August, Times Square Arts will present Jennifer West’s Painted Cat Hacker Film. It will be part of Times Square Arts’ Midnight Moment series — the world’s largest, longest-running digital art exhibition, synchronizing over 75 electronic billboards throughout Times Square from 11:57 p.m. to midnight. Painted Cat Hacker Film is a multi-channel work of handmade glowing digitized GIFs that pays homage to the feline’s role across multiple moving image platforms. The film will work to transform “low art” cat internet videos into a mesmerizing and monumental public art exhibit, featuring spectral and lo-fi effects.

Painted Cat Hacker Film draws from research pointing to the positive emotions associated with viewing online cat media and how it can even serve as a form of digital therapy or stress relief. To celebrate the film’s screening, West will also present an online program of cat films and videos entitled Cats on Video, Cats on Film, featuring iconic work from Maya Deren, Sarah Zucker, Mark Leckey, and more.