8. The Bleacher Creatures sit in section 2o3

The Bleacher Creatures' section in Yankee Stadium.
With the addition of alcohol in their section, the Bleacher Creatures are rowdier than ever.

The Bleacher Creatures are a set of Yankees fans who have declared themselves the most “real” fans. These die-hard Yankees fans sit in section 203 of the new stadium. The purchase of alcohol was not allowed in sections 37 and 39 of the old stadium, where the Bleachers Creatures had sat, because of rowdiness, according to an article in the Wall Street Journal. The only apparel allowed in Bleacher Creatures territory is Yankees merch unless a poor soul wants to get shunned out of the game.

The Creatures are known for a routine they direct at the beginning of every game. This routine, called “Roll Call,” began sometime during the 1990s. Since then, chants honoring each of the players carry from the Bleacher Creatures’ section onto the field. When a player’s name is called by the fans, he turns around and acknowledges them, sometimes adding his own flare such as a salute or signature smile. On Lou Gerhig Day in 2021, the Creatures added his name to the end of the call to honor his contribution to baseball and to raise awareness for ALS, the disease he fought.