7. A Space to Write and Sip Coffee: Caffe Reggio

Members of the Beat Generation frequented Caffe Reggio.
Caffe Reggio has the oldest espresso machine in New York City.

Other than having the alleged oldest espresso machine in New York City, Caffe Reggio is famous for frequently hosting members of the Beat Generation. Since 1927, this popular coffeehouse has sold cappuccinos and Italian pastries to customers of all walks of life. It is the oldest coffeehouse in Greenwich Village.

Kerouac and Gregory Corso often frequented Caffe Reggio and would write at the tables that remain in the store. Perhaps they would enjoy the eatery’s woodwork or school of Carravaggio painting. Perhaps they would enjoy the cappuccinos. No matter what they enjoyed, it remains there today as Caffe Reggio prides itself on not changing. Years after the Beat Generation writers strung out sentences in the cafe, The Sun is Also a StarThe Godfather Part II and The Kremlin Letter filmed behind the vibrant green entrance.