Anna Paquin in Modern Love season 2
Anna Paquin in season 2 of Modern Love. Photo: Christopher Saunders/Amazon Studio

The second season of Modern Love from Amazon Studios is out and the filming locations may come as a surprise to those who watched the first season which was filmed predominantly in New York City. Much like the shift in Master of None, which was set in the Hudson Valley and filmed entirely in the United Kingdom due to COVID-19, Modern Love was also filmed outside of New York City (as well as within the city).

Modern Love continues to be based on essays from the New York Times column of the same name and the latest cast of stars includes Minnie Driver, Kit Harrington, Garrett Hedlund, Tobias Menzes, Anna Paquin, and Jack Reynor, among many others.

1. Stoneybatter, Dublin, Ireland

Modern Love Season 2 Stoneybatter Ireland Dublin
Photo courtesy Amazon Studios by David Cleary

In the first episode of season 2 of Modern Love, a Stag convertible car becomes the embodiment of a lost love for Minnie Driver, whose first husband purchased the car while they were both in medical school. In the episode, “On a Serpentine Road, with the Top Down,” the car becomes associated with some of the best moments of their lives together, including having a child together, and also difficult moments when her husband becomes ill.

In the present-day part of the story, Driver’s new partner suggests selling the Stag because it’s constantly breaking down and costing a lot. It leads to a soul searching for Driver, as she comes to terms with what it means to say goodbye at last.

The episode is filmed in Ireland, mostly in North Dublin in the Stoneybatter neighborhood where films such as Love, Rosie (with Emily in Paris‘ Lily Collins), The Boxer, and Angela’s Ashes were filmed in the past. The third episode, “Strangers on a (Dublin) Train” is also shot in Dublin.