2. New York City

Modern Love filming locations
Photo courtesy Amazon Studios by Christopher Saunders

In “The Night Girl Finds a Day Boy”, Zöe and Jordan, played by Zöe Chao and Gbenga Akinnagbe, meet in a diner. The story is based on this Modern Love essay by Amanda Gefter. Most of the episode is filmed in New York City and we see Chao on the New York City subway late night after the meet cute at the diner to Chauncey Street station in Ocean Hill and Brownsville areas of Brooklyn on the J/Z line. Chao plays someone who has been a nocturnal “night girl” (“for as long as she can remember.” We also see things like the Kosciuszko Bridge lit up.

In one of the main scenes, the budding couple meet at the Brooklyn Museum (at night of course). They stroll through the galleries and talk about the things they like to think about and the things they do. As they walk the townhouse-lined streets after, they talk about the improvement in bike-ability in New York City after which reveals Zöe’s nocturnal ways or, “delayed sleep phase syndrome” as it’s officially known. We also see the Long Island City skyline, Newtown Creek, and the Greenpoint neighborhood. When Jordan’s mother comes to town, they go to a Chinese dim-sum restaurant in Sunset Park, Brooklyn. If you’re looking for some of the restaurants IRL however, some scenes were filmed in upstate New York with fake restaurant names.