2. 41 Eastern Parkway, Prospect Heights

Photo: Christopher Saunders/Amazon Studios

In the opening episode, “When Your Doorman Is Your Main Man,” Cristin Milioti’s character Maggie lives in a pre-war apartment at Copley Plaza at 41 Eastern Parkway in Prospect Heights, Brooklyn across from the Brooklyn Public Library. Her doorman, Guzmin, stands guard, judging the dates she brings back, sometimes in advance summoning a yellow taxi to take them home before things get beyond the front door.

Maggie wants the approval of Guzmin, but also wants him to go easy on a new British guy she’s dating. The episode description has in her words, “Ours was a common and unsung friendship, that between women living in New York, single and alone, and the doormen who take care of them, acting as gatekeepers, bodyguards, confidants and father figures.”