7. Bay Ridge has 19 dead-end side streets that fall out of city agencies’ jurisdiction

Bay Ridge Memorial Day Parade 2021
Busy streets like Bay Ridge Avenue harbor a different charm than the small side streets throughout Bay Ridge.

19 dead-end side streets throughout Bay Ridge are legally private. This means that those who live on streets in Bay Ridge like Baycliff Terrace, Wogan Terrace, or Jackson Court must clear their own trash and snow along with repairing their own infrastructure. However, they do not have to obey many of New York City’s parking laws.

These streets are rendered significant by their intersection with a public street. This intersection means the New York Department of Public Transportation must supply the street with a sign. Many other private streets exist throughout Bay Ridge, including Westerly Lane and Colonial Court. Aside from the opportunity to be in shows like Blue Bloods as Harbor View Terrace achieved, these private streets not connected to a public street remain in obscurity. Their only benefit is private parking.