8. Irregular, uncut stones and gabled windows send the “Gingerbread House” property into a fairytale

Gingerbread House in Brooklyn

Located at 8220 Narrows Avenue in Bay Ridge, Brooklyn, the “Gingerbread House” brings passersby into a fairytale. Adorned with irregular, uncut stones, gabled windows, and an asphalt shingle roof, the home looks like it would be found in the middle of the woods. However, the stained glass windows, coffered ceilings, and marble fireplace within the home beg to differ. At one time, the garage contained a functioning turntable that allowed residents to drive straight out of the garage at all times. This no longer works.

Designed for shipping merchant Howard E. Jones and his wife Jessie, the house was designed in response to the mass-production techniques that had taken over home architecture. Seeking to use hand-made techniques to complete the property, architect James Sarsfield Kennedy designed the house to conform to the natural topography of the land. At 5,746 square feet, the house is now worth millions and has been on and off the market in the last few years.