9. Katy Fischer’s “Strata” ceramic mosaic sits in the Bay Ridge Avenue subway station

Katy Fischer's "Strata" at Bay Ridge Avenue station.
MTA Managing Director Veronique “Ronnie” Hakim with Katy Fischer’s “Strata” mosaic. Photo courtesy of Marc A. Hermann / MTA New York City Transit on Wikimedia Commons,

When entering the Bay Ridge Avenue R station, one faces the decision to travel to Manhattan and Queens or to travel three more stops to the end of the R train at the Bay Ridge-95 St station. However, when choosing one’s direction of travel, one is also choosing the version of Katy Fischer’s “Strata” mosaic that they can admire. Those traveling to Manhattan and Queens can view an array of multi-colored collaged shapes on a sea of white. In contrast, those traveling further into Bay Ridge will see similar shapes on a bed of black. The mosaic continues by the train tracks over the benches where passengers await their train.

This mosaic stands in contrast against other subway station art because of the opposing nature of the mosaic sections. With white as a background on one mosaic and black as a background of another, this public art project achieves a different purpose than Roy Lichtenstein’s mural in the Times Square subway station. However, those in a rush often overlook these mosaics.