4. You can bike along the Belt Parkway

Brooklyn Greenway bike ride
Photo courtesy Brooklyn Greenway Initiative

Thanks to the creation of the 26-mile Brooklyn Greenway, you can traverse the stretch of the Brooklyn-Queens waterfront along large portions of the Belt Parkway, first starting at the north end of Bay Ridge to the southeastern end of Bath Beach. Then the Greenway picks up again, as the Jamaica Bay Greenway, from the eastern end of Sheepshead Bay, following the path of the Belt Parkway, all the way to Howard Beach just before John F. Kennedy Airport. The Brooklyn Greenway is not just for biking — it’s open to pedestrians and any other non-vehicular traffic — and it provides wonderful waterfront views of New York Harbor.

The full Brooklyn Greenway remains incomplete however between Gravesend and Sheepshead Bay, and the Brooklyn Greenway Initiative continues to fundraise and advocate for its completion. To show your support for the effort, you can join a fundraiser garden party with the Brooklyn Greenway in the fabulous Naval Cemetery Landscape in September.