4. Vanderbilt Concourse

Door frame in Vanderbilt Concourse
You can still access the Vanderbilt Concourse tunnel.

Another forgotten underground passageway was built under 52 Vanderbilt Avenue, the Vanderbilt Concourse building (also known as the Manhattan Savings Bank Building) between 44th and 45th Street. The Manhattan Savings Bank was the key tenant of the building with a branch on the ground floor. The tunnel is still accessible by entering through double wooden doors on 45th Street just off Vanderbilt Avenue, with a glass transom window that says “Grand Central Terminal.”

The tunnel runs south for a short stretch, turns east and hits the 45th Street Passage inside Grand Central. The tunnel includes Manhattan Savings Bank drop boxes, now repurposed as advertising frames for Dunkin’ Donuts and Ammos Greek seafood restaurant inside the building. There is also a graffiti mural with the word “love” repeated over and over by street artist Chris Riggs.