8. There was supposed to be a Windows of the World in the new building

Person wearing hard hat looking out from window of 1 WTC

Windows on the World was a restaurant on the top floor of the North Tower of the original World Trade Center complex developed by restaurateur Joe Baum. The restaurant was the definition of fancy: men were required to wear suits (or were forced to sit at the bar), full-length windows provided views of the southern tip of Manhattan, and the restaurant served exquisite fare widely applauded by publications such as The New York Times. The restaurant was destroyed during the 9/11 attacks, and everyone present at the restaurant was killed in the attack. It has been widely speculated that the subject of Richard Drew’s photograph Falling Man was an audio technician at Windows of the World.

There was a proposal to reopen Windows of the World at One World Trade Center on the top floor, but the plan was quickly scrapped as being logistically impractical. This decision was detrimental to many New Yorkers who loved the restaurant, which pulled in an impressive $37 million in revenue in 2000. Instead, there are three dining options at the top of the building: One Café, bar and small plates grill One Mix, and fine dining spot One Dining. Some diners, though, have criticized the quality and prices of the food at these eateries as compared to the renowned Windows of the World.