6. RedFarm

The outside of RedFarm features red awnings and black-paned floor-to-ceiling windows
RedFarm focuses on Asian fusion.

When you need a dumpling place to satisfy grandparents and kids alike, RedFarm has you covered. Even a grandma more familiar with chicken and dumplings than Chinese-style dumplings will feel right at home in one of the red-checkered booths. And any elementary schooler will delight in the brightly-colored Pacman dumplings complete with tiny edible eyes. If a cross-country trip takes you far from RedFarm’s Upper West Side and West Village locations (and from London, where the newest RedFarm abuts Covent Garden), the restaurant also ships nationwide through Goldbelly.

Four crispy braised oxtail dumplings and black garlic dipping sauce from RedFarm
Crispy braised oxtail dumplings.

A decidedly Asian fusion restaurant, RedFarm serves some of the most outlandish dumplings on the Upper West Side. And you should know before you go that you will pay a premium for them. With that in mind, you should splurge on dumplings that you cannot get anywhere else. These include nutty shrimp and truffle shumai, drizzled in a velvety cream sauce. To counterbalance the steamed dumplings you have had on this dumpling tour, try the crispy braised oxtail dumplings. Deep-fried and filled with tender beef stew, they seem tailor-made for comforting diners through New York winters.

RedFarm is located at 2170 Broadway Manhattan NY, 10024