24. AMC Empire 25 Theater

The Empire Theater opened in 1912 as the Eltinge 42nd Street Theatre. It was built6 by Al Woods and named for Julia Eltinge, a female impersonator who helped start Woods’ career. Designed by Thomas Lamb, the theater was unique for having a new seating system that included “slender,” “medium,” and “stout” options. Eventually Woods also lost the theater to the Great Depression, and it was converted into a burlesque house. In 1942, it became the Laff Movie theater, and in 1954 it was named the Empire Theater and showed only movies.

In 1997, the building was lifted from its foundation and moved 168 feet westward. The structure was changed into a retail spot and today stands as the entrance to an AMC theater. This theater was also removed from landmarks consideration, likely due to the extensive alterations. Check out historical remnants inside the AMC Empire 25 Theater in Times Square for more and buildings in New York City that have been moved.