2. Midtown Manhattan

The Morning Show set
Jennifer Aniston as Alex Levy and Steve Carrell as Kessler on the Morning Show. Photo courtesy Apple TV+

In season one of The Morning Show, the street scenes, often showing characters on the phone talking in crowded sidewalks to other characters, are predominantly shot in New York City. This is apparent from the width of the sidewalks and the avenues, as well as urban details, like bus station signage and more.

In season two, for shooting efficacy in the pandemic, street scenes of New York City are recreated in Los Angeles. You can see this in a scene where Yanko, the weatherman from UBA, meets someone from his past on the street. While the production takes care to add in street furniture that look like, for example, the LinkNYC kiosks, and lots of steam to make it feel like New York City, and do a good job recreating a New York City subway entrance supposedly at 5th Ave/53rd Street including the Helvetica font of the subway signage and gold vintage lettering that has similarities to real subway station entrances in Lower Manhattan, eagle eye New Yorkers will note that there is no subway station entrance that looks like this. There is one for the 5th Ave/53rd Street, about this dimension, just off Madison Avenue on 53rd Street, but it isn’t quite as pretty as the one in the show!