4. Times Square

The Morning Show filming location Times Square with Reese witherspoon and Hasan Minhaj
Reese Witherspoon as Bradley Jackson and Nasan Minhaj as Eric hosting New Year’s Eve in New York City. Photo courtesy Apple TV+

In the first episode of season two of The Morning Show, New Year’s Eve is coming up. Bradley Jackson and her new Morning Show co-host Eric played by Hasan Minhaj, are hosting the event in the middle of Times Square. The production here is impressive, looking like it was filmed on a green screen but accurately reflecting the look and feel of Times Square on New Year’s Eve with sweeping shots of Times Square. There’s even a drone shot that gets close up with the New Year’s Eve ball.

The scene is full of drama, besides the ball drop itself, as Bradley Jackson’s future at UBA is not quite what it seems to her. Cory Ellison, played by Billy Crudup, is doing his usual puppet maneuvering of talent at UBA and trying to keep the network afloat amidst scandal after scandal.