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Molina’s trash collection of over 33 years

The coolest museums in New York City are hard to narrow down. There’s always something to experience in New York City that most may only witness once in their lifetime, whether it’s a hole-in-the-wall cafe, a Broadway show, or perhaps one of the coolest museums in the world. Visitors tend to appreciate the city’s many arts institutions, such as the Metropolitan Museum of Art, the American Museum of Natural History, the New York-Historical Society and mahy more, which are absolute must-visits Still, not very many people have not heard of or explored more under-the-radar museums in New York City, leaving plenty of opportunities to plan an enriching trip to see, for example, street art or Indigenous art. Here are top 22 of the coolest museums in NYC (in our humble opinion!)

1. Museum of Interesting Things

inside museum of interesting things coolest museums in nyc
Photo courtesy of Museum of Interesting Things

Kicking off our list of the coolest museums in NYC is a museum that comes to you! The Museum of Interesting Things is a traveling interactive and exhibition intended to educate and encourage audiences young and old to get up close and personal with items long before our current age. Audiences can engage by touching the items to fully understand how such collectibles worked in the past. It all began when founder Denny Daniel wanted to use his own collection of hundreds of antiques and memorabilia over the course of freelancing, showcasing some of his own work at the Chelsea Art Museum.

The museum is educational, working with various age groups from young students to senior citizens. They’re also flexible with their creative pursuits and travel to schools, libraries, parties and just about anywhere. They also hold general Speakeasy events including comedy and dance parties. For booking of their incredible services, take a look at their website!