16. The Judd Foundation

Judd Foundation
Donald Judd innovated art by using three-dimensional images.

Donald Judd was a significant artist of the 20th century known for his “radical” approach to architecture, design and art. The Judd Foundation is the personal home of the artist’s private libraries and archives. After serving in the United States Army in Korea, Judd attended Columbia University for philosophy and art and the Art Students League for painting. He also wrote many art reviews per month and, in the 1960s, began painting three-dimensional artworks,. Judd conceived the Foundation in 1977 and created it in 1996 to preserve his work, installations and living spaces that expand over 22 buildings.

In 2013, Judd’s children opened the 101 Spring Street building in Soho to the public. Judd also believed that a work of art’s placement was just as crucial as understanding the work of art itself. His artwork alone has been in hundreds of museums all over the world. He also wrote about the importance of land preservation, empirical knowledge, and engaged citizenship. Visitors can experience a tour inside the artist’s understanding behind his work in these installations. Guided tours at 101 Spring Street and hours of operation are Thursday through Saturday from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m.