9. Museum of Street Art

museum of street art one of the coolest museums in nyc
The Museum of Street Art once was known as the 5 Pointz.

Originally known as 5 Pointz, the Museum of Street Art in Queens is known worldwide for its graffiti art. When it became whitewashed in 2013, citizenM, a hotel chain, and investor contacted the 5 Pointz collectives in 2016 to find a way to get it back. Now, the museum spans the entire floor staircase belonging to citizenM’s New York Bowery Hotel. Here, artists have come together to create and revitalize their craft in this 20 story stairwell. The experience begins with the “Vertical Love Letter to the Lower East Side” installation inspired by neighborhood icons. What follows after is each floor showing work from individual artists and belong to the 5 Pointz and are from seven different countries. Mural by “Meres One” (Jonathan Cohen), founder of the 5 Pointz Aerosol Center, is similar to glass-stained windows often seen from churches in the Lower East Side neighborhood. This mural represented a “rebirth” to the artist after the loss of the original 5 Pointz.

Cloud M, the rooftop that opens the exhibition, is a revision of the original roof at 5Pointz, that includes the logo and names of several graffiti writers who have since passed away. The 19th floor shows Colombian artist Christian Cortes, a depiction of the old Bowery train station, and ends with a clean and small building of the 5 Pointz to reminisce where they were before and where they are now. Californian Elle’s RuPaul mural shows “two faces” of RuPaul and Charles, paying tribute to the icon who began their career partying in the Lower East Side. Along with these three remarkable artists are 18 more extraordinary artwork to check out! MoSA’s hours of operation are Monday through Sunday from 10 a.m. until 4:30 p.m, and admission is free.