Did you know that the Brooklyn Bridge has hidden champagne vaults? Or that there’s a river below the Empire State Building? Over more than a decade of exploring and writing about the hidden side of New York City, the Untapped Team has unearthed a wealth of secrets we want to share! In our upcoming talk on the secrets of New York City, Untapped Chief Experience Officer Justin Rivers will reveal a selection of the most surprising (and our favorite!) New York City secrets.

A hidden bowling alley

Secrets of NYC

In this talk:

  • Uncover the largest landmark in NYC (it’s not a building!)
  • Explore an abandoned subway station that was once the “crown jewel” of NYC’s underground transit system
  • Find out where the geological center of NYC is
  • Peek inside a bedroom frozen in the year 1893
  • Discover hidden gems built right into the sidewalks of NYC

Your host Justin Rivers will pull from Untapped New York’s list of more than 160 secrets, compiled from our extensive archives, to uncover the most fascinating unknown facts about New York City. This talk will reveal facets of the city that will shock even the most seasoned New Yorker. From subterranean bowling alleys to hidden rooftop gardens, discover something you never knew about New York City!

Part of the Panorama of the City of New York at the Queens Museum

Tickets for this talk on Monday, October 4 and Wednesday, October 27, are just $10 or free for Untapped New York Insiders (use code JOINUS for your first month free).

A corridor with an arched ceiling and doors lining the walls

Secrets of NYC

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