9. There are hidden restaurants to discover

La Esquina Mexican restaurant in Soho

Seen from the street, La Esquina looks like a casual Mexican diner. But book a table at the brasserie and you’ll be led into an unmarked entrance through the kitchen into a dimly lit dining room where New Yorkers sip margaritas and eat upscale Mexican street food. The vibe is perfect for a date night, with dark wooden tables, blue and white mosaics, and candles dripping wax.

But that’s not the only hidden restaurant in SoHo—there’s also a secret après ski fondue chalet inside Café Select. You’ll have to walk through a door labeled “No entry, employees only” to go through the kitchen in order to access the ski chalet. Once inside, you can feast on fondue and hot mulled wine in a space that will transport you to Switzerland, if only in your imagination.