10. There are a few remnants of Fillmore East

Today, two distinct memorials honor the Church of Rock of Roll. The first is “Bill Graham Way,” which officially designates the stretch of Second Avenue between 6th and 7th Streets. Second are the tile mosaic plaques which stud the lamppost in front of the former theater. These mixtures of jagged ceramics and broken pottery are the work of Irish-born Vietnam veteran Jim Powers, who has unofficially landmarked other lampposts throughout the East Village.

There are only a few remnants of Fillmore East, including posters and some photographs by Amalie Rothschild, who was also a Joshua Light Show member. Additionally, a green-and-gold usher jersey still remains. There’s also Graham’s cowbell, which is possibly the one that was presented to him by Grateful Dead drummer Mickey Hart before a January 1970 show.

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