8. Bill Graham was opposed by an underground newspaper called the East Village Other

East Village Other
Photo by DatBot from Wikimedia Commons.

The East Village Other was a biweekly underground newspaper during the 1960s, described by The New York Times as “a New York newspaper so countercultural that it made The Village Voice look like a church circular.” It often featured comic strips by figures such as Art Spiegelman, Robert Crumb, and Kim Deitch. Many of its comics were satirical and touched on socially relevant themes—including, surprisingly, Bill Graham.

In the building upstairs from Fillmore East’s lobby were the offices for the East Village Other. Supposedly, the paper was not paying any rent. They often poked fun at Graham and would side against him in trying to make Wednesday shows free (and thus give up some of his capitalist ways). The feud continued until one day, Graham was angry about an article in the paper and threw them out of their space.