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The premiere of Succession season 3 takes place this Sunday on HBO. We’ll be revealing the filming locations for Succession episode by episode. Also, catch up on all the fabulous filming locations of the first two seasons below. The drama is one of those shows that grows on you and suddenly hits you with a bang, making that binge session worth it. As we enter into the new season, the Roy family and its media company Waystar Royco are grappling with the fallout of Kendall Roy’s revelation in a press conference about wrongdoing in the cruise division. He pinned the blame on his father, Logan, the patriarch of the family. The new season also introduces a new character, Lukas Mattson, a tech founder and CEO played by Alexander Skarsgård.

The show certainly packs a lot of star power behind the scenes and in the cast. Succession is executive produced by Oscar-winner Adam McKay (The Big Short), Frank Rich (HBO’s “Veep”), Will Ferrell, Kevin Messick, Jane Tranter (HBO’s The Night Of) and Mark Mylod (HBO’s “Entourage”), and created by Oscar-winner Jesse Armstrong (In the Loop), who is also the series showrunner and an executive producer. The music is written by two-time Oscar nominee Nicholas Britell, who also composed the soundtrack to The Big Short and Moonlight.

The cast of Succession is led by Shakespearean actor Brian Cox, who plays Logan Roy. The parallels to the Murdoch family are impossible to miss, down to the “ATN Network,” clearly a stand-in for FOX News. In previous seasons, storylines drew on political upheaval in the United States. Other notable actors on the show include Kieran Culkin, who plays Logan’s waywardly youngest son Roman, Matthew Macfayden as Tom Wamsgams, fiancé then husband of Logan’s daughter Siobhan “Shiv” Roy, and Jeremy Strong as Kendall Roy, Logan’s second son who appears to be the heir apparent of Waystar Royco at the opening of the second season. Up to now, Kendall has been the emotional heart of the show, whose characters often ply the border between satirical, horrifying, and oddly empathetic. But now that the cards are finally in Kendall’s hands, will we like what we see in him? Who will the rest of the Roy siblings fall behind: Kendall or Roy? Succession is not an easy watch, but it sweeps you in with excellent screenwriting and strong performances.

Succession films mostly in New York City (with forays to Washington D.C., Long Island, New Mexico, England and more foreign locations in season three), embodying the locales of the rich and powerful. Influence is the name of the game here, but Machiavelli and Shakespeare are ever-present.

1. The Four Seasons Private Residences

Succession filming locations Kendall Roy
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It looks like downtown Manhattan is the name of the game for the opening of the third season, with Kendall Roy emerging from the privately-owned public space courtyard between the Four Seasons Private Residences, located at 30 Park Place, and the Woolworth Building. As you will see from the next filming location, he has made the apartment in the Woolworth Tower Residences that his ex-wife lives in the headquarters for his legal efforts.

The Four Seasons Private Residences stands taller than the Woolworth Building, dwarfing what was once the world’s tallest building located just east of it. The Four Seasons was previously featured as a filming location in Ray Donovan.