3. Tulip Poplar Way

tulip tree in Inwood Hill Park

Just up the hill from the site of the dead tulip tree is a walkway lined with live Tulip Poplars that shoot up into the sky nearly 150 feet. The Tulip species are the tallest trees in New York City, says Baisley — although measuring their precise height is hard to achieve without scaling to the top. It is also hard to determine their age, although their lifespan is anywhere from 150 to 450 years, the rangers say.

The oldest, highest tree in all of New York City’s five boroughs is a Tulip, the Queens Giant, located in Alley Pond and estimated to be at least 134 feet with a 19-foot circumference of the trunk. “But I don’t know if anyone has measured all of the trees in Inwood Hill Park, because I think we have some contenders,” says Baisley.

Coordinates: 40°52’24.1″N 73°55’25.3″W