3. Prospect Park Boathouse

a woman seated at a table in the movie Passing on Netflix

Irene cools down with iced tea inside the Drayton Hotel, where she sees Clare for the first time. This scene is filmed inside the Prospect Park boathouse in Brooklyn. Nora tells us that the location “was a choice based on historical references.” She explains that a lot of tea houses from the time period were designed to feel like greenhouses — open and airy with a lot of plants brought in. You may recognize the distinctive Guastavino tiling on the ceiling inside the boathouse and Nora says that element helped contribute to the sense of being in a greenhouse. The Prospect Park boathouse was built in 1904 and is a popular location for weddings in New York City.

If you’re looking for the hotel room filming location, when Irene meets Clare’s husband, it’s the only scene in the movie that is filmed on a soundstage.