14. Southern Bronx sites

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In the Bronx along the East River were several Native American communities largely forgotten today. In Hunts Point was Quinnahung, The old Hunt burial ground was located by a spring, while at the tip of the point was an important meeting point. Around Soundview Avenue and Leland Avenue was the village of Snakapins, which had about 60 lodges. There was likely a planting ground further south, and located around Clason Point were numerous fishing stations. In Castle Hill was a Native settlement whose name was not recorded that contained a large shell-heap for making wampum beads.

Perhaps near modern Ferry Point Park was a notable burial ground where Native populations would bring the dead from further inland. Shells and scattered objects were uncovered and signaled that burial rituals occurred at the site. Possible summer fishing spots were found in Locust Point, while at Weir Creek in Throgs Neck, the Siwanoy likely settled after encounters with settlers.